Women’s Boots in 2011

Women's boots are not just for winter. They are the perfect transition piece for those spring days when it is warm enough for shorts or mini-skirts, yet still cool enough that boots look appropriate. Fashion is currently in a stage that is embracing edgy, hard, rebellious looks. For women's boots, this means lots of zippers, buckles and laces, as … [Read more...]

Urban Fashion Trends

In the present day world, it's surprising to see men taking more time to look their best when going out. Looking ones best comes to the front when they try on new clothing brands, and fashion tips. There are numerous blogs and forums online which give men and women unique fashion tips for the current year, 2011. Though it may be seen that men's … [Read more...]

Trends For Winter 2011

Looking for the top women's winter fashion trends for 2011? This year crisp military styles, bold graphic prints, chic tuxedo jackets and long soft knit sweaters are the must have styles of the winter season. Crisp Military Styles From sleek cropped military jackets to edgy military styled pants there are an endless number of ways to … [Read more...]

Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Looks

The Spring/Summer fashion season 2011 for women is characterised by a strong feminine vibe - elegance and glamour run throughout all the fashion trends for this season. This is a season of colour and revival, of beauty and glamour. This SS11 season will see period revivals for 70s glamour and sophisticated punk, biker chic and 1960s … [Read more...]