“Woman Under the Stars” – Rome’s Fashion Show

One needs only to wander the piazzas of any major Italian city, or even small town, to realize that Italians are forerunners of sophistication and style. Since the 1950s Italy has rivaled France in terms of European style and sophistication, and Rome is now beginning to overtake Milan as Italy's hotbed of cutting edge fashion. There are people … [Read more...]

5 Good Reasons to Go Shopping in Rome

Whilst admiring the views in one of Rome apartments or Rome hotels, you … [Read more...]

Out Shopping In Rome

Winter sales (saldi) last from 15 January to the first week of March, summer sales go on from 16 July to the middle of September. The leading designers considerably reduce the prices for their goods. Cheaper clothes, shoes and accessories are sold in the shops of less famous designers. At other time it's possible to find 20-30% discounts … [Read more...]

Best Deals In The Ancient City

When in Rome, prepare to spend! If you're an American heading to Rome for vacation and you plan to shop, prepare to spend. You won't find many deals in this ancient city. The major fashion houses aren't based here (like they are in Milan and Paris), and Rome is more of a draw for tourists, so you can expect the prices to match those found in … [Read more...]