Shopping in Paris

I bet you already know that Paris is considered a shopping haven. The moment you hear about Paris, you can never take "shopping" out of the picture. Being one of the premiere shopping cities in the world, Paris is every shopper's heaven here on earth. And because your Paris trip wouldn't be complete without souvenirs to remind you of this majestic … [Read more...]

Shopping Heaven for Visitors

Paris is a capital city of France with plenty of things to do and plenty of sights to visit. Paris is also known as city of light and fashion capital. Paris is one of the charming cities, which attracts shopaholic crowd across the world. I mean to say that if you are lovers of fashion and shopping then don't miss to visit this fabulous place. I … [Read more...]

Top French Fashion Designers

France, particularly Paris, has become the world's hub for high fashion. Top designers, celebrities and fashion enthusiasts flock this part of the world every season for Fashion Week. People who aspires a career in fashion and design have Paris in their list where they want to study or train. But France's contribution to the fashion world does not … [Read more...]

Cheap Shopping

Feeling the Paris pinch? Take a stroll down the rue Saint-Placide in the heart of the tres cher 6th arrondissiment. At the end of the road, you'll find one of Paris's most famous department stores, Le Bon March … [Read more...]

Paris Street Fashion

People have many stereotypes. Especially towards the other nations. Some of them are not merely stereotypes but the very truth, while the other are a complete falsehood. Before going to Paris and meeting the Parisians I used to think the capital citizens are all dressed-up, as if they have just went down the catwalk. And I was surprised when I saw … [Read more...]