Shopping Guide to New York City

Leading a frugal life here in New York City, I've learned how to best maximize my hard earned dollars while using my acquired skills in discount shopping. A lot of friends, mostly women, and other caring acquaintances have shared me some wonderful tips on where to do discount shopping here in NYC. As such, I suggest you ask first the locals where … [Read more...]

New York Outlet Shopping

New York City is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Visitors are attracted to such iconic sites as the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square and others. For some it is the art museums, theaters or restaurants that attract them. For many, it is the shopping. New York is a shoppers paradise. Clothing, jewelery, … [Read more...]

Flying to New York for Shopping

It is often said that shopping is something of an institution in New York. It is true that visitors taking cheap flights to New York from different corners of the world do set aside a substantial budget for some shopping. With a growing number of airlines offering tickets to the destination, more and more travelers have steadily discovered the joys … [Read more...]

The Very Best Sample Sales in NYC

Looking for an excellent deal with a New York fashion section shopping trip? Really want an important wonderful girls weekend getaway where it is possible to save dollars and pay attention to the internet sites of the metropolis? Allow us to take one to the very best fashion relates to our own walking New York shopping tours from the garment … [Read more...]

Designer Clothing Bargains

New York City is internationally recognized as a bustling hub of fashion. Picking up trendy clothes is an attraction for many visitors to the city, and who doesn't love a good deal? But, unless you're in the know, finding the best places to shop can take more time than you may have. In New York City there are many places to find deals on … [Read more...]