Men’s Fashion Shows to Set Milan on Fire

Italian latest tendency has a long tradition, and is considered as one of the most significant in the world, along with French fashion, American latest tendency, British latest tendency and Japanese fashion. Milan, Florence and Rome are Italy's main fashion capitals, although Naples, Turin, Venice, Bologna, Genoa and Vicenza are other foremost … [Read more...]

The Design Capital of the World

Milan is the capital of the Lombardy Region, besides being the home of international fashion and design. It is also an important financial and commercial centre. This is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, full of elegant and distinct corners. In addition, it enjoys a rich heritage that will take us thousands of years back in time because of its … [Read more...]

The Most Fashionable City in World

Recently, Milan won the title of the Most Fashionable City in World according to Reuters, beating New York, Paris, Rome and London successfully. Actually, the economy of this city can not compete with that of other developed Italian cities, then what kind of fashion style does this city possess? Let us walk into the streets of Milan and take a … [Read more...]

The Most Fashionable City in Europe

Milan is very famous city of Italy. It also is considered as most fashionable city of Europe. Right after Rome, this is the second largest cosmopolitan city in Italy. People of Milan are very conscious about their hair style, outfits and perfumes. That is why this city leads in design and fashion technology. In fact, there are many designer shops … [Read more...]