Great Shopping in Rome

Shopping in Rome can be fun and enjoyable for all types of people, young or old, budget or no budget. A trip is highly recommended. Here are some helpful hints to help you on your travels for the best shops to visit for designer items, clothes, & jewellery.

The most popular shopping areas are Via del Corso, Piazza Vittorio, Trastevere, Piazza di Spagna and Via dei Condotti and Piazza Navona. Some of these sell designer clothes and accessories; others offer antiques and other delightful trinkets. Fontana di Trevi is the biggest shopping area and attracts the most people of all, if you don’t like crowds whilst you shop then it may be advisable to avoid this area. If you love a good shopping spree and don’t mind making your way through the crowd, then this is definitely for you.

Designer brands such as Brioni, Ciesse, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Gianni Versace and Femme Sistina can be found and will leave you slavering for more! Keep your eyes open and you might even spot a celebrity or two.

For your gifts and souvenirs, the best shops to visit are Ricami di Firenze, Archeoart and ‘artigianato, some of these shops have a wide collection to choose from and will even offer to gift wrap your items. Beautiful designer jewellery can be found at Giovannetti and Pomellato. For the shoe crazed ladies out there, Moccia, Petrocchi and Re mishelle are the most fabulous shoe shops, any of these should keep your family happy for a very long time.

Some of the most famous and expensive boutiques are found within the Via Condotti area, among them are Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Hermes, Brioni, Modigliani and Battistoni (we’ve all heard of them). You can also buy designer clothes from Dress Agency Donna, Pomellato, Chanel, Armani and Emporto. These shops are scattered around and can be found in Via Tomacelli, Via Borgognona, Via Mario dei Fiori, Via Gregoriana, Via Bocca di Leone, Via Veneto, Via del Babuino and Piazza di Spagna. Well worth a visit for a taste of designer luxury.

Via Margutta is the other Roman Street for the antique lovers. The shops here provide a wide range of antiques, and the most popular of these shops include Ponte Milvio Antiques Market, Antichita Grand Tour and Galleria Agostini.