Dresses Are Back in 2011

If you have been watching the world of fashion for the past few years, you must have seen the fashion designers and major fashion labels all moving towards more and more androgynous styles for both men and women in their fashion collections and moving away from soft feminine curves and silhouettes in their collections for women. Whether this was deliberate or just a direction that the fashion world at large all locked upon without any co-ordination amongst them is open to interpretation. But for a lot of women who love to keep up with the latest trends in the world of fashion yet who also love girlish styles and womanly fashions and who hate androgyny this was not a great time.

Luckily all these fashion victims can rejoice now as women’s dresses are once again back in style this season or at least that is the way it seems to anyone who has been keeping an eye on the world of fashion this winter and has watched the fashion shows that have taken place at the fashion weeks in the style capitals of every continent. As the designers and the major fashion labels showed their collections to the world that would be their new lines of clothing for the spring summer two thousand and eleven seasons, they all seemed to have one thing in common that would bring a smile to the face of women who hated boyish styles. That thing was the return of women’s dresses as all the designers and labels had an abundance of beautiful gowns that looked fabulous on the ramp and promise to look great off it as well.

Another advantage of the women’s dress according to women is that dresses tend to look better on the full figured women that exist in real life whereas the androgynous styles that the fashion world has been concentrating upon tend to look better on the ramp on the boyish figures of the rake thin models that populate these shows. So if you are looking for the latest trend this summer the women’s dress is it and you should get ready to start shopping as all these dresses are now hitting the retail stores and the designer outlets as part of the spring summer collections for this year. You can even get a jump on the shopping action by buying them online and saving some money to boot.