Designer Clothing Bargains

New York City is internationally recognized as a bustling hub of fashion. Picking up trendy clothes is an attraction for many visitors to the city, and who doesn’t love a good deal? But, unless you’re in the know, finding the best places to shop can take more time than you may have.

In New York City there are many places to find deals on clothing. From high-end to casual, there are stores that cater to every wearable whim. However, like every other manufacturing sector, clothing is subject to changing seasons and styles, as well as overruns, buying miscalculations and manufacturing errors. When this happens, there are stores out there that buy these extras, and sell them at lower-than-retail prices. These stores are well-known to most New Yorkers, and yet remain relatively unknown to the rest of the world.

While not the big secret it used to be, Loehmann’s is still a great place to find deep discounts on designer clothing. In recent years they’ve spread from a few stores in the tri-state area to locations across the country. They also now sell online. However, if you’re in New York, it’s well worth visiting their flagship store in Manhattan. Located on Seventh Avenue, between 16th and 17th streets, Loehmann’s offers a free personal shopping service, a loyalty program and discount prices on a wide range of apparel.

Mention Century 21 to someone outside of New York City, and real estate is what usually comes to mind. In New York, it’s famous for discount prices on high-end apparel and home goods. It’s been described as “TJ Maxx on steroids.” Located on Cortlandt Street between Church and Broadway, the lower Manhattan store is easily accessible to those dependent on public transportation. The Brooklyn store is located on 86th Street between 4th and 5th Avenues, and is actually two buildings. The 86th Street building sells apparel, while the building located across the street sells home goods on the first floor, and shoes on the second. There’s a parking garage entrance on 88th Street, between 4th and 5th Avenues, and parking may be validated after purchasing a set dollar amount from Century 21.

Shoes and clothing in New York City costing under $110.00 used to be tax-free. As of October 1, 2010, the State of New York has replaced the 4.375% sales tax on these items, although there remains no city tax on these goods at this time.

For the fashion-conscious, New York City can be a bargain seeker’s paradise. There are a lot of great boutiques and consignment shops to poke around in. Don’t be afraid to ask a New Yorker for a shopping recommendation, or even where they bought something they’re wearing that you admire. Maybe you’ll even get the next inside scoop.